Daily Classes

If you’re looking to learn about mindfulness practices, discuss personal growth topics, listen and connect with your community, or grow your overall mental wellness, our daily groups are for you. Our psycho-educational and group coaching classes are a space for you to talk it out.


Mindfulness – Emotional Intelligence Series:

Each month, Tonia will focus on a specific topic of mindfulness. She is currently discussing emotional intelligence! The goal of this class is to engage yourself emotionally, seeing and accepting them. Learn to understand, define and work with emotions.

This class can help you develop a deeper understanding of how our emotions can influence presence in your day to day. Tonia provides an educational experience that includes answering reflection questions through journaling followed by an opportunity to share or talk it out, if willing.



Mindfulness – Vulnerability Series

This month, Claire will be teaching about the practice of vulnerability. Vulnerability is the act of showing up and embracing imperfections. The goal of this class series is to redefine vulnerability, taking it from weakness to one of our greatest strengths.

We will be discussing the emotional states that require vulnerability and how our inner dialogue affects our choices and eventually our patterns. By embracing our imperfections, we will be able to move forward into making informed choices based on self-love and compassion vs. fear and shame. This class follows an educational format with journaling for reflection and optional sharing. 

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Get curious and learn more about specific topics with our weekend workshops. Our modern, mind-body approach to mental wellness equips you with proven tools and strategies, empowering you to live your most fulfilled life.


Some of our favorite events include:

  • Book Club
  • Professionals Group
  • Sound Baths
  • Intention Setting

Wellness Courses

Our intensive courses use a proven combination of live, personalized coaching, community support, and educational resources to help you make digestible, manageable changes that will have a major impact on your overall mental wellness. Courses are over several weeks and are a closed group.

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