Allison is a Registered Dietitian that helps her clients reach their nutrition goals without ever counting calories, restricting foods, or yo-yo dieting! She has a wide breadth of experience in nutrition and her seamless adaptability has allowed her to work with a range of clients- from women struggling with their relationship with food, to the 2016 World Series Champions, the Chicago Cubs. Allison has experience working with individuals of all ages and is passionate about helping her clients to feel less confused about nutrition and build healthier eating habits. 


Working with Alli feels realistic and down to earth. She strives to create a relationship of  transparency and safety with her clients. Alli values making the process fun and realistic – helping her clients to adapt individualized habits that you’ll want to fit into your everyday routine. She loves working with women to help them to transform their relationship with food and ditch dieting forever. Ultimately, her goal is that her clients feel at ease with food.


Favorite feel good activities:

Alli loves spending time outside with her dog, exploring the food scene in Nashville, and traveling.

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