September 24, 2021

I spent years hating my body. Growing up in a family that celebrated thinness and athleticism, I looked for any possible avenue towards obtaining those traits. At the age of 27, exhausted from living this way, I took a leap, and invested in a coach that helped me finally find food and body freedom. 


Through this work, my whole life changed.  


My body settled at a size that was larger than the one I had been fighting to keep it at, and you know what? Life got infinitely more delicious. I had the brain space to think about passions that I hadn’t explored in years. I started painting, and writing, and moving in a way that actually felt good. I traveled more and started dating again, and fell in love. 


We live in a culture that tells us that only once we are thin, will life become wonderful. Ends up, that’s a huge lie. What I learned is that life is wonderful NOW, once we let go of the idea that we need to look any sort of way other than exactly how we do.


Here are four tools that helped me find food and body freedom, and live a beautiful life exactly as I am. 


1. Buy clothes that feel good on your body


I will never stop shouting this from the rooftops! You deserve to wear clothes that feel good on your body! Yes – YOU! Rather than changing your body to fit certain clothes, change the clothes to suit and celebrate your body. On my own personal body acceptance journey, this was the one tool that helped me the most. Everything from your underwear, to your jeans, to your pajamas should hold and support your body exactly how it is. If you feel nervous about this step, pick just one article of clothing to replace. Maybe you donate those jeans that you’ve been wanting to fit into, and buy a new pair that celebrates your body at this moment! 


2. Curate your feed


Whether or not we realize it, we are CONSTANTLY consuming messages about what we “should” look like. These messages come at us in both obvious and subtle ways. From the body type of the lead role in that romcom you just watched to the magazines depicting one standard of beauty. One area of media where we do have control is our social media feeds. YOU get to choose who you follow. Spend time identifying and following accounts depicting different bodies. When you open up your Instagram feed, you can have an experience that makes you feel inspired and alive. Some of my favorites to follow on IG: @thebirdspapaya @virgietovar @thebodyisnotanapology @katesturino @uncomfortable_bliss


3. Just do it!


The name for this one is inspired by the Nike slogan- Just do it! So often we have a list of things that we will do once our body arrives at a certain size or shape – sign up for that dance class, buy a new swimsuit, start dating again, etc., etc. With the “Just do it” technique – we do those things NOW. Although it can feel scary at first, this technique is incredibly liberating. Pick one thing on that list as a place to start. Tell some supportive friends what you are planning to do, and then jump in, baby. Your life is waiting!


4. Remember: You don’t have to love your body right now


Yep, go ahead and read that last one again. If you are taking the brave journey away from diet culture and body hatred towards body acceptance, body love probably won’t be your very first stop. And that is ok. In fact, thinking that we need to love our bodies instantly can leave us feeling defeated when we don’t meet that goal right away. Instead of forcing yourself to immediately celebrate a body you’ve spent years berating, practice thinking “I’m open to not hating my body today.” You’ll be amazed at the power of this first step.


Here are the words that I wish someone would have said to me before I started my body acceptance journey:


This is deep and powerful work. In moments, it will feel tough, but it’s more worth it than you could ever possibly imagine. Keep going.



If you’re interested in working with Amy, you can book private and duo sessions with her here.