Are you unable to shake the feeling that there’s untapped potential inside you, but you’re not quite sure what your next move is? Or maybe you know that you’re ready for a change? We’re here to help you take that curiosity and use it to fuel your journey of rediscovery that will help you create your next chapter of life.


‘Creating Your Next Chapter’ is a 3-week course that uses our proven combination of in-person group coaching, combined with an online forum containing daily coaching prompts and the opportunity to connect and with a like-minded community.


What you get:

90 mins of in-person group coaching each week in our luxury studio

24/7 access to a private virtual platform where you can connect with the community

Daily coach check-ins on the platform

Daily journaling prompts and conversation starters

New educational content each week

PLUS! A journal and a course workbook so that you can continue your journey after the course is completed

Week 1

Identify what you want and how to work through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Week 2

Give yourself permission to grow, while learning to make decisions that align with your authentic self.

Week 3

Create a game plan, setting yourself up for your most fulfilling chapter yet.

Are you ready to rediscover who you are?

Are you ready to move forward with authenticity, self-compassion and balance?

Are you ready to Create Your Next Chapter? 


Group will be capped at 8 people in order to provide in-depth personalized coaching.