Family Dynamics Group Series

Thursdays starting February 23rd | 6-7pm

Taking the time to understand your family dynamics – the relational patterns you grew up with – can unlock the code to understanding yourself at a deeper level; allowing you to build upon the good behaviors and dismantle those that no longer (or never did) serve you. 

Your family or childhood environment lays the foundation of your identity, but as an adult you gain the life experience and autonomy to define who you are as an individual, and choose whether you subscribe to the patterns by which you were raised. 

For better or worse, your family dynamics can strongly influence how you see yourself, others, and the world around you. Plus, they can influence your behaviors, well-being, and relationships. Exploring how you choose to engage with your family’s dynamics can be a powerful tool to understanding yourself, your strengths, your triggers, and how to successfully relate with others.    

The Happy Hour is offering a unique opportunity to learn from all of our licensed therapists. This series is designed to look at the individual, how the environment and relationships of your youth shaped you, and how a deeper understanding of these complex dynamics can improve your life as an individual, as well as improve how you relate to your family, partner, friends and colleagues.



Feb 23rdInner Child Work with Amy Jackson

March 2ndFamily Cycles with Tonia Dixon

March 9thBreaking Family Cycles with Tonia Dixon

March 16thGenograms with Brooke Rappaport

March 23rdBoundaries with Christa Booker

March 30thFamily Roles with Brooke Rappaport


Mindfulness through the Seasons at Cheekwood

Sundays starting March 12th | 1-1:45pm

Join us on Sundays at Blevins Japanese Garden Pavilion at Cheekwood, where we will teach mindfulness practices that help you to transition to the new season and embrace the beginning of Spring with intention and presence.

Practices include meditation, journaling, breathwork, and mindfulness frameworks to decrease stress and increase inner-fulfillment. No two weeks will be the same, with topics ranging from intention setting, to affirmations, finding balance, increasing contentment, presence, 5-minute journal, future self, and self-renovation.

These Sunday Mindfulness sessions are open to all, whether you are new to mindfulness or seeking to deepen your practice.  

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Guided Meditation at the Frist

Thursdays | 6-7pm

Join us on select Thursday nights as we lead a meditation practice in Frist Art Museum‘s galleries. Calm your mind as you are guided through unique meditations inspired by one of their current exhibitions. 

Participants will also receive admission to the Frist and be provided with a meditation cushion or stool for relaxation. Bring along a journal for reflections on self-discovery questions posed following the meditation. This opportunity engages the senses for a deeper reflection on yourself and the world around you, altering your expectations of what a grounding meditation experience can look and feel like. 


Sound Bath

First Tuesday of every month | 6:30-7:20pm

Third Friday of every month | 12-12:50pm

Join us at our studio on the first Tuesday of every month for a deeply calming sound bath with Certified Sound Practitioner and Senior Life Coach, Clara Belden.

Sound Baths are a meditative, multisensory, and unique experience in which participants are bathed in the vibration of various instruments while lying down. Unlike other forms of meditation, Sound Baths focus on ambient sounds, rather than silence or a guided practice to reach a new state of tranquility.

This lie-down meditation encourages deep relaxation, allowing you to unplug and find release. We encourage you to bring a mat, a blanket, pillows, eye coverings, or whatever helps you to settle into rest.

All are welcome to our space to enjoy the benefits. Whether you are curious about sound meditation or meditation in general, seeking to deepen your practice, or are just in need of an evening to reset, Clara will be your guide into a transformative practice of sound healing.


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Did you know we also offer Private Sound Healing?

The Happy Hour Club

Starts April 19th | 6-7:30pm

Inspired by fostering authentic connection, we have created The Happy Hour Club. A new type of social club, open to anyone and built on our values of connection, honesty, vulnerability, curiosity and fun. Show up as your true self and connect authentically – this is not a networking group, no need to perform or be anyone but you!  

The Happy Hour Club will meet twice a month, gathering at both the studio and for outings in our fun and beloved city. If you would like to connect with new and like-hearted people and are interested in exploring more opportunities in town, this is the place for you. Members of The Happy Hour Club will also have exclusive access to a community board where you can connect even more outside of the scheduled events. The Happy Hour Club is an easy, fun, and approachable way to foster and bring out meaningful connections into your life. 



April 19th – Meet and Greet at the studio

May 2nd – Trivia Night

May 24th – Board Game Night

June 8th – Community Outing

June 21st – Picnic in the Park

July 8th – Hiking and Brunch

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Month-to-month payment upon request. Call the studio at 615-953-3934.

How to Rock Relationships

Thursdays starting May 4th | 6-7pm

Are you looking for authentic connection, but the thought of diving back into the dating pool has you wishing for floaties? Dating can be confusing and intimidating and the thought of starting can keep you safe at shore, but it has the power to teach you so much about yourself and what you want in life. In this 6-part workshop series Claire Price, CHC, will be in your corner, helping you learn about yourself and relationships, thus helping you uncover the courage to take on dating…and have a little fun while you’re at it.

You will gain the tools you need to look for someone with compatible values, without abandoning yourself in the process. We will encourage you to create a fulfilling life on your own before inviting someone else in, and empower you to know your worth when you do. Claire will invite a guest therapist to help you identify your specific attachment style and what that means for getting back into the dating pool. Finally you will learn resiliency and how to be ‘unbothered’, which will prove to be one of your greatest strengths!

Don’t know where to begin? Claire will teach you what type of ‘dater’ you classify as and how to expand your avenues for meeting new people. Get ready to get out of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to fail. A bad date makes for a good story!

If you’re interested in working on your authentic self, understanding your own values, and connecting with other singles along the way, this may be the group for you. This group is open to people of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds. As long as you are single and have an open mind, we have a place for you!

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This is a 6-part workshop series