Processing 2021

December 11TH | 2:30PM-4:30PM

Are you wondering how 2021 is coming to a close when you’re not quite sure you’ve even processed 2020 yet? You’re not alone! The last two years have been a catalyst for tremendous growth and change for all of us, and getting through them is an achievement in itself.  


Join us at Hot Yoga of East Nashville for an intimate workshop with Tonia Dixon, LPC, who will lead the group discussion as we create space to reflect and process the good, the bad and the ugly. This workshop will help you to let go of what no longer serves you, clearing your mind and making room to embrace the possibility of the new year.


We will start the workshop with a restorative flow led by certified yoga instructor and energy practitioner, Kim Breese. Kim guides with the intention to support and uncover the peaceful place that resides only within so that you can look back on this past year with openness, curiosity and kindness.


This workshop will be held at Hot Yoga of East Nashville.

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Yoga Therapy

Every other Sunday | 10:30AM-11:30AM

Yoga Therapy with Ashley Shelley, LPC-MHSP and 200RYT, is an integrative offering that empowers individuals to connect mind, body, and spirit. This is not like your regular power flow class, you will be guided through gentle and intentional movement with a focus on learning from your body and the experience. Ashley’s curated yoga flows include grounding and centering breathwork, prompts for processing what may arise, guided meditations to promote stillness and calm, and an offering to carry you forward.

This class is not psychotherapy or counseling, but an alternative route to tap into ‘you’ like never before. We encourage the use of your own yoga props such as a mat, bolster, blanket, and/or blocks.

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Intention Setting

January 8TH | 6:30PM-8:30PM

We’ll be kicking off the new year with our Intention Setting workshop… no new year’s resolutions here! Setting an intention is about choosing how you want to show up each moment of each day. Think about it as your personal mantra, a touchstone of your choice, that inspires and helps guide your decisions and actions in 2022.When you intentionally choose how you want to move through life you become empowered to take control over fear and stress, and start the year off on the best foot!

You don’t need to suddenly become a “new you” to create a life you love (even more). But, if you’re looking for a little inspiration,motivation, and guidance to figure out exactly what your personal intention is for this next year,  this workshop is for you. 

We’ll start by gently connecting mind and body through a restorative flow led by Fahrenheit Yoga’s Gilbert Valenzuela, creating the perfect environment for your heart and mind to connect before exploring your intention. Clara Belden, Certified Holistic Life Coach will empower you to openly reflect upon your emotions, share challenges, and understand your hopes for 2022. Through a combination of yoga and professionally-led group discussion, you will hone in on one intention to live by in the new year, helping you to create a life you love.


This workshop will be held at Fahrenheit Yoga.

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Book Club – Brené Brown’s ‘Atlas of the Heart’

Tuesdays, January 18TH – February 15th | 5:30PM-6:30PM

“If we want to find the way back to ourselves and one another, we need language and the grounded confidence to both tell our stories and to be stewards of the stories that we hear. This is the framework for meaningful connection.”

Brené Brown’s highly anticipated newest book, Atlas of the Heart, is finally here! This book will explore eighty-seven of the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human and walk through a new framework for cultivating meaningful connection. We are so excited to become what Brené calls ‘mapmakers’ of human connection.

You will be led through this book with impactful questions to promote your personal development. As we are all navigating the ebbs and flows of life, this club is the perfect opportunity to connect with like-hearted people, and to expand your view of yourself and others.


This would make a great holiday gift!

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