Affirmation Workshop at Cheekwood

September 29th | 6 – 7PM

Affirmations are positive “I” statements that can be utilized to overcome thought patterns that are dragging you down. When rooted in authenticity and compassion, affirmations may help you to see yourself in a different and more positive light, especially  in situations that cause stress or self-doubt. Unlike wishful thinking, this powerful tool, with positive mental repetitions, may help to reprogram your thinking patterns so that, over time, you begin to think – and act – differently.

Join us at Cheekwood on September 29th, where you’ll learn how to create and use personalized, meaningful affirmations throughout your day to recharge your happy battery.

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Intuitive Integration

October 7th + 21st | 7 – 8:30PM

We all have the gift of intuition. The inner wisdom that helps guide decisions and moves you forward on your path. Developing and trusting your intuition requires practice, but the reward is a deeply connected sense of self, and the confidence to ground you as you navigate life. 

Join us for a unique two-part deep-dive into intuition, led by two experts in the field, Kim Breese and Massey Armistead. In this intimate workshop series, you will learn about the 5 clair senses and how to connect to them. You will receive tactical exercises and practical tools in support of a deeper understanding of your strongest clair sense,how to harness it, and how to integrate intuition into your day-to-day.   

Sessions will also include meditation, energy work and collective oracle readings to build a stronger connection to trusting it all. Come prepared to open your mind, your heart and your spirit, empowering you to ultimately build a stronger connection to yourself.

In order to fully benefit from the workshop, both sessions are required attendance.
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Weaving Splendor Meditations

Oct 20th, Nov 3rd, Dec 1st | 6-7pm

After our last sell-out run at Ingram Gallery at Frist Art Museum, we’re back to lead you through an exciting new meditation practice. Their current exhibition, Weaving Splendor provides an opportunity for you to discover the intricacies of rare and luxurious textiles and the larger story that these creations tell throughout history. Likewise, you will be guided through unique meditations within the exhibit that tap into both your personal story and the larger impact you can make on this world. By slowing down and entering this meditative state, you will be invited to explore the unique fabric of what makes you, uniquely you. This is an opportunity to alter your traditional perception of what it can look like and feel like to participate in a grounding meditation experience. 

All guests of the meditation will also receive admission to The Frist and will be provided with a meditation cushion or stool for improved relaxation. You are invited to bring along a journal to write out any reflections to the self-discovery questions that will be posed following the meditation. This unique opportunity is one that connects the senses with a deeper reflection into yourself and the world around you.

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Sound Bath

November 11th | 7 – 8PM

Back by popular demand is our deeply calming sound bath with Ann Sensing. Join us at our studio on November 11 from 7-8pm. Sound Baths are a meditative, multisensory, and unique experience in which participants are bathed in the vibration of various wind and percussion instruments while lying down. Unlike other forms of meditation, Sound Baths focus on ambient sounds, rather than silence or a guided practice to reach a new state of tranquility.

This lie-down meditation encourages deep relaxation, allowing you to unplug and find release. We encourage you to bring a mat, a blanket, pillows, eye coverings, or whatever helps you to settle into rest.

All are welcome to our space to enjoy the benefits. Whether you are curious about sound meditation or meditation in general, seeking to deepen your practice, or are just in need of an evening to reset, Ann Sensing will be your guide into a transformative practice of sound healing.

Don’t sleep on this, our sound baths always sell out!
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The Happy Hour Club


Inspired by fostering authentic connection, we have created The Happy Hour Club. A new type of social club, open to anyone and built on our values of connection, honesty, vulnerability, curiosity and fun. Show up as your true self and connect authentically– this is not a networking group, no need to perform or be anyone but you!  

The Happy Hour Club will meet twice a month, gathering at both the studio and for outings in our fun and beloved city. If you would like to connect with new and like-hearted people and are interested in exploring more opportunities in town, this is the place for you. Members of The Happy Hour Club will also have exclusive access to a community board where you can connect even more outside of the scheduled events. If you are like most people, this season pointed out the importance of connection. The Happy Hour Club is an easy, fun, and approachable way to foster and bring out meaningful connections into your life. 

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