Guided Meditation at the Frist

Thursdays | 6-7pm

Join us on select Thursday nights as we lead a meditation practice in Frist Art Museum‘s galleries. Calm your mind as you are guided through unique meditations inspired by one of their current exhibitions. 

Participants will also receive admission to the Frist and be provided with a meditation cushion or stool for relaxation. Bring along a journal for reflections on self-discovery questions posed following the meditation. This opportunity engages the senses for a deeper reflection on yourself and the world around you, altering your expectations of what a grounding meditation experience can look and feel like. 


Mindfulness at Cheekwood

Sundays | 9:30-10:15am

Join us at Cheekwood, as we teach mindfulness practices that help you to turn inwards as you transition into the Fall season. These practices will focus on stress reduction through meditation and introspective mindfulness exercises. All sessions will help you slow down physically and mentally, and will provide you with tools to help keep you grounded throughout the Fall and beyond. This is open to all, whether you are new to mindfulness or seeking to deepen your practice.  

Topics may include: stress management, self-returning, four areas of holistic health, loving kindness, meditation, and mindful decision making

Please make sure to arrive early to give yourself time to park and arrive at the Japanese Garden by 9:30am.
Book September 24thBook October 1st

Sound Bath

First Tuesday of every month | 6:30-7:20pm

Third Friday of every month | 12-12:50pm

Join us at our studio on the first Tuesday of every month for a deeply calming sound bath with Certified Sound Practitioner and Senior Life Coach, Clara Belden.

Sound Baths are a meditative, multisensory, and unique experience in which participants are bathed in the vibration of various instruments while lying down. Unlike other forms of meditation, Sound Baths focus on ambient sounds, rather than silence or a guided practice to reach a new state of tranquility.

This lie-down meditation encourages deep relaxation, allowing you to unplug and find release. We encourage you to bring a mat, a blanket, pillows, eye coverings, or whatever helps you to settle into rest.

All are welcome to our space to enjoy the benefits. Whether you are curious about sound meditation or meditation in general, seeking to deepen your practice, or are just in need of an evening to reset, Clara will be your guide into a transformative practice of sound healing.

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