Why Mental Wellness in the Workplace Matters

Providing employees with mental wellness support results in them being less stressed, more engaged and feeling valued. Teams communicate more effectively, producing better work individually and collaboratively. Reduced employee burnout means fewer sick days, and less employee churn. It’s a win-win.

We’ve all read the stats about burnout at work these days (in case you haven’t, 81% of the workforce says that stress impacts their work negatively, leading to negative health symptoms, and increased company spending.) Mental fatigue, chronic stress, communication breakdowns, and poor work life-balance are common themes that interrupt the mental health of employees in the workplace. The bottom line is that we all could use a little extra support from our day jobs in making our mental wellbeing a priority.

Wellness Workshops (1 hour)

Mental Wellness while Working From Home

Learn to juggle the added stress of working from home through our five keys to WFH success: Presence, Boundaries, Communication, Normalcy and Grace.

Finding Balance

Use our Life Balance framework to discover which areas of your life need extra support, and map out steps to do so, so you can minimize the exhausting ups and downs throughout the week.

Intention Setting in the New Normal

Set a single intention to guide and ground you through turbulent times, empowering you to gain control over stress and anxiety, and leave you feeling supported and inspired.

Healthy Habits and Tools For Grounding

The smallest practices can have the biggest impact. Learn how to incorporate simple grounding tools that can take as little as two minutes of your day. Move out of a state of worry and distraction, and back to a place of peace and calm.

Managing Fear and Stress

Formulate a game plan for how to pilot through stressful situations. Develop a healthy response to fear that will release you from anxiety and promote a clear mind.

Customized Team Engagement Sessions (Minimum 2 hours)

A highly engaged team is a highly effective team, and nothing builds that like trust, support and understanding what makes your co-workers tick. We’ll lead you through proven exercises that help team members dig below the surface to encourage empathy and mutual respect.

Add in some mindfulness and self-help teachings and your team will be running like a well oiled machine.

We can customize a workshop for your team’s specific needs. If you want to trade your trust falls for a Power Flow, or add Energy Therapy to your icebreaker – whatever it is, we’ve got you.

Pricing and Bookings