A Modern Mental Wellness Studio

We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Individual  Therapy + Life Coaching – Private sessions with a licensed/certified professional in one of our thoughtful conversation rooms. 
  • The Duo – Equivalent to couples counseling or any two guests with one of our licensed professionals (siblings, business partners, etc.). 
  • Sound Healing – A meditative, multisensory experience in which participants are bathed in the vibration of various instruments. Group, private and duo sessions with a certified sound practitioner. 
  • Energy Work – An energy based therapy where practitioners use their hands to help restore balance and harmony to the body.
  • Group Courses – Led by licensed/certified professionals, our groups are specifically designed to help you meet and engage with a like minded community on topics that are relevant to you. 
  • Corporate Offerings – Employers can support their team with the option of individual sessions or group workshops. 


The Happy Hour is a place of community. We welcome guests to use our resources such as our lounge, our library, and our garden for relaxation, self-practice of mindfulness tools, or just to get away. Guests that would like a more private arrival and departure may contact our front desk for coordination of services.