Amy Jackson is a Tennessee native who recently returned home from being in New Orleans for 10 years. Amy has always been a helper (shoutout to Enneagram 2s!) and has known from an early age that she wanted to work with people to make their lives better. That desire has shown up through Amy’s work in the court system with domestic violence victims, as a director at a Sexual Assault Center, and through counseling of people with various issues and backgrounds. She believes that light can come from even the darkest of situations, and believes each person has a right to live the life they want.


Amy enjoys working with people who feel like they’re at a crossroads and need support as they enter a new phase. Amy is passionate about helping clients recognize how their past experiences are impacting their current situations, and how to heal from past wounds to create positive change. After doing her own work with self-compassion and continuing to grow as a person and clinician, Amy sees the freedom in controlling the negative thought patterns that we all get stuck in. This drives her passion for growing self-compassion in others and learning how to silence our Inner Critics. These can be distinctly useful tools for individuals who are in the midst of college, post graduate transitions, or undergoing a relocation or new job.


Amy loves to help couples reconnect with their partners when the connection has been lost due to loss of trust, overwhelming life responsibilities, or communication breakdowns. She leads two cohorts a year for The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work and really enjoys working with engaged couples for premarital counseling. 


Working with Amy feels comfortable and safe, yet challenging. She practices from a warm, person-centered approach where each client’s individual needs are taken into account. Amy believes in stepping outside your comfort zone, but only if there is adequate support available to create the perfect environment for growth. 


In addition to seeing clients, Amy is the Director of Professional Services at The Happy Hour. She aids in overseeing the therapy division of our studio, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of ethical and professional standards, developing guest resources, and maintaining communication with guests who may have inquiries or concerns. 

Favorite Feel Good Activities

My favorite feel-good activities include all outdoor activities, being around loved ones and feeling connected to others, and finding delicious recipes for my husband to cook for me!


Personal Mantra

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me, there lay, an invincible summer. And, that makes me happy.

Albert Camus

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