We are thrilled to have a therapy intern here at The Happy Hour to help provide our community an additional level of care. Our current intern is with us as she completes her master’s degrees in marriage and family counseling.  Supervision will be provided indirectly by one of our licensed therapists while she is practicing at THH. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@thehappyhournash.com and booking is, as always, easy and through our website.

Christa is a Nashville native who is currently pursuing her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Lipscomb University. Christa is also a native to The Happy Hour, having served here for three years as a certified holistic life coach, guiding individuals through life’s complexities and empowering them to navigate everyday choices with confidence. After spending 9 years in the corporate marketing world, and becoming a mom to three kiddos, Christa decided to embark on a career shift that felt aligned with this new season of life, and dedicated her life to uplifting others.  Christa has found special meaning in supporting fellow women navigating the transitions and challenges of parenthood as a peer, support role and cheerleader.


After four years of coaching, Christa recognized a recurring theme: the uncontrollable circumstances of the pandemic had significantly strained her clients’ relationships and unearthed larger issues in their lives.  Perceiving the need for a new approach to support her clients, Christa began her journey to become a licensed marriage and family therapist. Using her training, Christa is able to understand your experiences through the lens of relationships and surrounding systems. This can help you gain a bigger perspective on what is going on in life. 


Christa loves to  support couples as they navigate challenges and opportunities in their relationship. She especially thrives working with couples undergoing pre-marital counseling, aiding them in establishing a solid foundation for their future life together. She offers her expertise in navigating life transitions, parenthood, family dynamics, and relationship challenges. Furthermore, Christa is equipped to provide guidance through experiences influenced by anxiety and depression, offering compassionate support tailored to individual needs.


Working with Christa as your therapist feels calm, safe and lighthearted. She will help you organize thoughts, feel heard, and understand your humanness. She actively incorporates therapy techniques to foster personal development and exploration. Through compassionate care and practical solutions, she is here to assist you in understanding your experiences deeply, empowering you to embrace life with a fresh outlook and renewed resilience.

Favorite Feel Good Activities

I am an introvert, but I thrive in my relationships with others. If you took a peek at my life on the weekends, I’m probably at one of my 3 kiddos many sporting events. When I’m not there I’m likely cooking, hiking, snuggled on my couch with a book or having an occasional dance party.


Personal Mantra 

Life is a balance between what we can control and what we cannot. I am learning to live between effort and surrender.”

Danielle Orner 

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