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Claire is a Tennessee native with her doctorate in Occupational Therapy. After being unfulfilled in the healthcare field for years, Claire decided to trade in hospital shifts for traveling and a life on her terms. This led her to traveling throughout the country, earning her 200hr yoga certification, and eventually, a position on the team at The Happy Hour. She is a firm believer in listening to yourself, because too many opportunities are missed because of fear, hesitation, or a subdued inner voice. 

She loves being able to guide and encourage guests to lean into their bravery, find harmony in the ebbs and flows of life, and uncover their personal power. She possesses the experience and empathy to walk with guests in taking their next steps. Working with Claire looks like: learning how to set manageable and achievable micro – goals in order to achieve long term success, designing a practical road map, and improving personal outlook where potential is possible.

After undergoing a career shift and completing training of her own,  Claire actually enjoys helping guests with reimagining their resumes and cover letters, helping them find their focus and confidence in interviewing, and supporting and encouraging them to pursue their career aspirations. 

Claire is also passionate about helping guests develop relationships. Having moved four times in two years, Claire understands how to make friends in new settings. She specializes in helping others take the next steps in meeting new people, developing relationships (both romantic and platonic), and how to communicate within others.

Favorite Feel Good Activities

Hiking, gardening, cooking for others, being spontaneous.

Personal Mantra

I never decide if an idea is good or bad until I try it. So much of what gets in the way of things is thinking that we know.

Rick Rubin

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