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Claire, Certified Holistic Life Coach with a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, is an expert in optimizing routines, purpose-driven career transitions, and initiating life transformations. She coaches by, and is evidence of, the belief that everyone has the opportunity to change the trajectory of their own life. After being unfulfilled in the healthcare field for years, Claire decided to trade in hospital shifts for traveling and a life on her terms. This led her to traveling throughout the country, earning her 200-hr yoga certification, and eventually, a growing role at The Happy Hour. In addition to her Senior Life Coaching role, she is also the Director of Operations for The Happy Hour. 


Claire’s coaching is dedicated to guiding others to discover and value their inner voice. She loves being able to encourage guests to lean into their bravery, find harmony in the unpredictable, and uncover their personal power. She advocates for the power of self-listening, recognizing the unfortunate prevalence of missed opportunities due to the paralyzing grip of fear, hesitancy, or the stifled voice within. As a result, Claire has empowered numerous guests to take the crucial next step towards reshaping their future. 


Collaborating with Claire involves designing a practical road map, starting with the next closest step, and nurturing your personal outlook as you move through the process. She will assist you in recognizing how past missteps can serve as invaluable lessons, enabling you to become resilient and happier. 


Here’s where she excels: 

Claire is the lead instructor for several of The Happy Hour’s intensive courses: How To Rock Relationships and Land Your Dream Career, both of which she created herself. Work with Claire if you’re seeking to find a career path that aligns with your unique purpose and values, and distinguish yourself in a competitive job market. Turn to her for an insider’s perspective on what truly makes a resume stand out. With her extensive experience hosting and participating in interviews, she can empower you to tap into your confidence to remain cool and collected. She will also provide you with exclusive insights into how to ace your next interview, providing you with a backstage pass to success.


Beyond her professional expertise, Claire is so excited when guests come to her for dating advice. She is researched and practiced in helping guests reconnect with how to experience dating with a fun and optimistic approach.


Having moved four times in two years, Claire understands how to make friends in new settings. She specializes in helping others take the next steps in meeting new people, finding ways to make friends, and developing relationships.


Favorite Feel Good Activities

Hiking, gardening, cooking for others, being spontaneous.


Personal Mantra

I never decide if an idea is good or bad until I try it. So much of what gets in the way of things is thinking that we know.

Rick Rubin

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