Jeannette Diddens has been a strengths-based therapist helping clients with generalized anxiety, burnout prevention, compassion fatigue, disconnection/disengagement, and depression for over two decades. Jeannette is passionate about being an anchor of consistency, nonjudgement, and reflection as you explore feelings and experiences during the uncertainties of life. 


For those who are tired of feeling stuck, Jeannette has found that small acts of wellness and mind-body nurturing are the most effective tools for transforming emotional fatigue into personal flourishing. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Jeanette can help you understand old narratives and reconstruct new and helpful pathways of learning and growing. Jeannette specializes in strengthening relationships, specifically in family dynamics. She has a keen understanding of family roles, boundaries, and inner child work and can help you to find value in your relationships with others and with yourself.


Jeannette is seasoned in helping couples, using tools from The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. In her experience, couples begin to build a stronger foundation, manage conflict, improve communication and intimacy while working with her. Through her use of positive psychology and strengths-based techniques, couples realize that counseling can be a powerfully restorative tool instead of an ultimatum or a “last-ditch effort” for their relationship.


 Jeannette creates a grounded environment, helping her guests  feel comfortable and open to share their thoughts by talking. Using thoughtful and intentional questions, she is able to help clients gain a deeper understanding of their own thoughts and emotions, realizing that they have the answers within themselves.


Jeannette is also trained in walking therapy and upon request, can walk and talk it out with clients for an individual or couple’s session. This is perfect for a walk around Sevier Park!

Favorite feel-good activities

Simply taking a walk. Whether it be in the mornings to set my daily intentions, or with my husband to reflect on our work day, or with my family to walk through one of Nashville’s many beautiful parks. 

Favorite quote

Take care of yourself like your life depends on it, because it does.


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