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Clara started The Happy Hour with a dream to make it as easy to work on your mental wellbeing as it is to go to a yoga class. Her journey to becoming a Certified Holistic Coach and business owner has been untraditional, but this unusual path is the result of the natural progression of her personal and professional growth falling into alignment. Before opening The Happy Hour, Clara pursued a Masters in Business Administration from Vanderbilt, and worked in Brand Management in the corporate world. While her traditional background is in business and marketing, she’s had a lifetime of education in the mental health world from personal experiences. Her background, her innate ability to connect deeply with others, and her passion for normalizing mental wellness blended together seamlessly to create The Happy Hour. 


Clara is gifted in helping people connect to their life’s purpose. Life is full of transition and uncertainty, and it can be so easy to feel lost or stuck amidst all of it. Clara is here to help make sense of those tangled up feelings, get unstuck, and move forward in a way that makes you feel really good and excited about life. 


Clara believes that before you can understand where to go, you have to know where you are in the present moment. When working with Clara, she will arm you with the  tools to come back to the present moment, so you can let go of worry and tune into your truest self. It is then that you will be able to make small, attainable changes to live more authentically, in a way that is in line with your values. Clara is passionate about helping her guests cultivate sustainable, consistent joy. The toolkit you’ll build with Clara will help you live more deeply in your moments. 


Clara relies on these tools everyday to help her master the juggling act of her life – business owner, coach, volunteer, wife to Wesley, and mom to two incredible kiddos and three fur babies. 


Favorite Feel-good Activity

Depends on the day, but journaling and yoga are staples of my routine.


Personal Mantra

My presence is my power.

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