Brooke is approved to practice across state lines providing teletherapy to 35 states. 

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Brooke’s journey in mental health started when a psychology class captured her interest and she hasn’t looked back since. Her passion for learning has led her to earn her masters and then  her PhD where she focused her work on intersectional feminism and ally development. Brooke has a heart for working with women and gender expansive people on concerns such as anxiety, depression, adjustment, life transitions, and trauma. Brooke recently moved to Nashville in August 2021 to begin as an assistant professor in counseling psychology at Tennessee State University. While she absolutely loves teaching and training students, she misses clinical work and is so happy to be able to practice as a licensed psychologist at The Happy Hour.


Brooke loves guiding people through life transitions, shifts, and identity development. Helping her clients in their personal growth is especially fun for Brooke. Aside from personal growth, Brooke is most experienced working with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma. She utilizes practical and approachable tools to help her clients understand how to work through big emotions, intrusive thoughts, stress, or recognizing what is or isn’t in their control. It is important to Brooke that her clients understand how systems beyond their individual life impact why they may be feeling how they are feeling.


Brooke helps clients work to live authentic and genuine lives that align with their personal values. Working with Brooke feels comfortable and welcoming, allowing for you to safely open up and bring your full self to sessions. For Brooke, the relationship between client and therapist is one of the most important aspects for success. Therefore she makes sure to nurture this relationship with her clients, making them feel both seen and heard.

Favorite feel-good activities

Walking and exploring with my dog, enjoying patio weather, daily movement, and reading for pleasure.


Favorite quote

Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.

Brené Brown

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