Hannah knew from a young age that she wanted to be in the helping profession. Having journeyed through her own challenges and healing process, she discovered the impact that compassionate guidance can have. This realization fueled her passion for helping others navigate their own paths, and she went on to earn her masters in social work from the University of Tennessee. Hannah has had 7 years guiding clients as a social worker, and is actively pursuing full clinical licensure under the supervision of a licensed clinical social worker.


Hannah is passionate about working with people from all walks of life, particularly the perinatal population, those navigating parenting or family struggles, and those managing anxiety and depression. Hannah cares deeply about walking alongside mothers as they walk through all phases of the perinatal journey including pregnancy loss, the prenatal period, and the adjustment to motherhood. As a social worker and mom, Hannah is acutely aware of how much one’s physical, mental, and relational health are impacted by pregnancy, the postpartum period, and raising young children.


Hannah considers it an honor to offer compassion and support to individuals experiencing transition or hardship, just as she received such care from mentors and therapists. When working with her, you can expect to be welcomed into a non-judgmental and empathetic space. Building a relationship of trust is her first priority so that you can feel the freedom to be transparent as you take steps toward understanding and healing. She is committed to safely processing your past while creating a toolbox of coping skills that you can pull from for years to come.


Hannah grew up in the Colorado Springs area and moved to Nashville with her husband in 2014. They quickly grew to consider Nashville  their forever home, and now share it with their dog, cat, and two kids.

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