Coming from a corporate background, Kim was considered successful by society-standards, but felt stressed and out of touch with herself and her body. This propelled Kim to uncover the benefits of self-healing through a variety of holistic and integrative approaches. This fateful life experience is what led Kim to energy work. 


As a recovering overachiever and people pleaser, Kim has first hand experience of living life on others’ terms and expectations. Feeling disconnected from herself and everything around her, she knew there was a healthier way to be. This pushed Kim to discover new ways to feel whole, connected and inspired in her life. Through her own healing journey, she uncovered a truth that set her free to be a support to others on their own healing journey.


Kim loves to guide others in understanding their personal power by finding ways to feel more connected to their mind, body and spirit.  We are not taught how to listen to ourselves, leading us to live our life through a lens of false pretenses and expectations.  Kim has discovered that the key to discovering your personal power is learning how to listen, and that happens by slowing down. 


Working with Kim feels like a breath of fresh air that flows in to support and uncover the peaceful place that resides only from within. The place where our truest expression resides. Many have referred to energy work as ‘reiki on steroids’, or a spiritual tune-up.

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