February 5, 2021

Have you ever found yourself trying to make sense of your past, while dreaming of your future? Maybe you’re a planner; filling your to-do list and calendar with endless goals, tasks and events in an effort to grow within a like-minded community? Or maybe the contemplation and anticipation of making sense of your life manifests with a sense of introspection and overwhelm, less movement and a lack of motivation? Regardless of how you approach uncovering your authenticity and direction, you’ve likely run into questions like: Who am I? Where do I want to be? And how do I get here?

Believe it or not, in either case, this is a good place to be. It is at this intersection of life that we begin to search for answers beyond ourselves.  How do we take the puzzle that we are living in and find pieces that will build our picture into the colors and shapes we are looking for?  What is it that will complement our puzzle, allow it to develop and become a signature of growth, hope and belief?

The assistance of a therapist or holistic coach could be just the kind of support to help you find direction, clear your mind, and find peace.  Think of these professionals as people who help you gather your thoughts and strategize your next move. You might be wondering what the difference is between therapy and coaching. Good question! It’s so important to understand which option is best for you and your healing, and for where you are on your personal growth journey.

What is Similar about Therapy and Holistic Life Coaching at The Happy Hour:

  • You’ll talk to a professional who has you and your specific needs in mind. Your specific goals will lead the direction of the session.
  • You will be supported in a safe and confidential space.
  • We operate from the belief that you already have the answers within you, we are here to support you and bring those answers to the surface.
  • Both will take a holistic approach, taking into account your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.
  • Both can help in performance boosting.
  • Both can improve self-esteem.
  • Both can improve social and individual functioning.
  • Both help you gain a better understanding of your life and  the world around you.

What is Therapy?

  • Therapy allows you the benefit of exploring your internal emotional world of information as well as your external cues and reactions.
  • Therapy can dive deeply into your past, present and future. (Coaching focuses on the present to future time-frame).
  • It helps in resolving patterns of feelings, beliefs and behaviors that are uncomfortable.
  • It can offer attention to helping physiological responses.
  • It can offer attention to relationship concerns both intimate and interpersonal.
  • It can help with family dynamics.
  • It can help with strengthening resilience in connection with chronic symptomatology
  • It helps you learn new ways to manage the stress that life brings by addressing triggers.
  • It can also help you learn new ways to manage symptoms related to mental health diagnoses.

What is Holistic Life Coaching?

  • Allows laser focus of particular desired achievements.
  • Strengthen focus of the here and now, and looking toward the future. Coaching will not delve into your past.
  • Sparks motivation with clear action plans for a future goal.
  • A supportive resource through the many transitions of life.
  • Offers an alternative option if therapy is not desired.
  • Aids in strengthening career performance and leadership skills.
  • Some personal growth areas you might work on include: mindfulness and self-care, goal-setting & action planning, confidence building, life transitions, finding your purpose, and living authentically.

Can they work together?

Yes, here’s how…

What happens when you feel much better, and may no longer need the detail of a therapist, but you would like to continue working on your personal growth, maintain a connection and have built-in accountability?  The option of a coach as an ongoing support is a great idea. Similarly, what happens if your coach is a great support but you feel like you need a bit more? Maybe you need to dig deeper into a past experience?  A coach having the resources to refer you to a therapist creates that fluid process.

At The Happy Hour, our coaches and therapists work together cohesively, based on our trained best practices and expectations of each others’ roles. These best practices specifically detail and clarify the duties of coaches vs. therapists. The two can support and complement the internal referral process in a way that’s fluid, seamless, and always has the guest’s best interest as the top priority. We are all working towards achieving the best possible outcomes for our guests, in an effort to come together to create a safe space that works, and establish a place to talk it out and feel better.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to mental wellness. Whether you’re working with a therapist, a holistic life coach, or both, it’s important to continuously check in as you grow and evolve, to make sure you’re getting the best kind of support for your changing needs.

If you’re still unsure whether therapy or life coaching is right for you, reach out! We’re happy to help you navigate your mental wellness journey, equipping you with the tools and support for improved wellness and quality of life, one conversation at a time.