June 30, 2023
Mental Health

Client Profile: 

Clients that have visited me in a season of change are looking:

  • To feel more grounded and confident in their day to day life and upcoming decisions.
  • For strategies to take action towards what they are able to change.
  • To release tension around unchangeable circumstances. 


Key Elements of Success:


Understanding what you can control and what you can’t is a key element in making tactical steps forward and releasing ‘busy-ness’ of the mind. Creating a picture of what can and can not be addressed opens up the path to forward movement. 

The way forward can sometimes look like a very tall mountain to summit. I help clients look at the next closest step, creating a tangible and measurable goal for this week, and then the next. 


Progress, not perfection

Trying to predict or know every possible step tends to be the biggest barrier to starting the process. I help my clients dig into expectations. Expectations can be helpful in some ways (i.e. motivating, creates drive) but they also can quickly develop into perfectionism tendencies. Perfectionism shows up in many sneaky ways: comparison, lack of inspiration, or rigidity. I help my clients learn how to give themselves a break and lean into the process of progress.


Breakdown ‘What if?”

Fears hidden within ‘what ifs’ were causing my clients to feel ungrounded and unsure of themselves. This is because ‘what if’ is in the future, taking clients out of the present. I have worked with my clients to find practices that help connect in the present when they are feeling this uneasiness of ‘what ifs’.

I have also helped my clients to see that the “what ifs’ are valid ways that their consciousness was trying to protect them from the unknown. But, we were able to logically think through what they would do if the “what if” happened. 10/10 times, the client was able to see that the anticipation of change was worse than the actuality of going through it. We were able to uncover strengths that had helped them in the past get through seasons of change as well as think of new and better adapted strategies for the future. 



  • One of my clients was able to create a financial plan that set them up for success regardless of outside circumstances (changing economic conditions, increases in prices, changes in career)
  • Another of my clients was able to see with some clarity the beginning of the path that was starting to form in her career change. 
  • One of my clients was able to see that instead of needing to move to a new city or state, that she could try to reinvest time into herself, ultimately finding a path to contentment with herself versus needing big change to feel engaged in life. 




Life coaching can help you meet your goals and navigate life transitions with less stress.

You can work with our certified life coaches in person at The Happy Hour studio, or virtually from anywhere in the world.