September 14, 2021

What is energy work? Okay, bear with me here as I am going to explain it to you.  And I know, I know…there is some stigma around it falling under the “woo-woo” category.  Believe me, I get it.  Yet there is some explanation behind it that can support how it works. 


So let’s start with the basics. What is energy? According to (the Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica), energy, in physics, is the capacity for doing work. All forms of energy are associated with motion. And once energy moves it will change from one form to another.  


Here’s an example: imagine an apple on a tree.  The apple falls from the tree onto the ground.  The energy from the apple falling from the tree to where it lands is energy moving. Each has an effect on one another. The energy changes from one form to another.  


Some well-known forms of transferring energy are solar energy, wind power, nuclear fusion, electromagnetism and energy conversion. Still with me?  


One more important thing to note: energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only change from one form to another. 


Okay, simple enough to understand. Yes? Very good.


Another form of physics is quantum physics, which is the physics to explain how everything works. Breaking that down a little more, explains how atoms work. Atoms are the basic building block of all matter.  And matter is everything.  You, me, your phone, the chair you are sitting on, your lunch, etc. Quantum physics shows how one atom can affect another atom.


We are made of matter, right.  And our bodies are constantly changing and moving, even without us doing anything (think of your heart), right.  So then energy work supports the movement of matter in your body. 


How does this relate to energy therapy?  The energy in our body might not be functioning properly due to various factors, which can stem from the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  When I work with you, I work with the energy in your body that is out of balance to help restore it, or at least give it a boost so the body can move more efficiently.  And this can show up in a variety of ways depending on what you and your body may need.  


See…not so woo-woo after all!


Let me give you a basic idea of how an energy session works.  You and I will have a brief discussion so I can get an understanding of how you are feeling in your body.  We will then set an intention for our time together. You will then move to my massage table, fully clothed, and I will use my hands to administer techniques to help restore the flow of energy in the body through light touch or touch over the body.  It is different from massage because I am not manipulating any tissue. Your job is to relax. Most people will go to a meditative state similar to right before you fall asleep or fall asleep, which is welcomed. I then bring you back, we briefly chat to see if anything has shifted (it usually does), and then I send you on your way.  Easy Peasey. 


The beautiful part of this work is that energy is smart and it goes where it is most needed. Starting in October I will be at The Happy Hour on Wednesdays and Saturdays and would love to show you how energy work can be a support for you. 





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