September 29, 2021

I must admit, I am lifted up by the awareness and open communication around mental well-being that is happening in our world today.  I grew up in a time when talking to a therapist was very ‘hush-hush’ and not at all a topic of conversation that was openly discussed.  As someone who has worked with therapists on and off during my lifetime and loves to figure out my inner workings, this acceptance has been a complete game-changer.  


The fact of the matter is our mental health controls a lot of how we view the world.  And it controls how we move through it. It is a complex creature and not something we all together understand. Nevertheless, the simple presence of bringing more awareness to mental wellness bridges the gap between the stigma and the acceptance.  


I say all of this because I find it to be important to your overall health. The mental element is the key to unlocking some of your greatest desires. It also can be the key to unlocking some of your set-backs. What I have found to be true is that I am not my thoughts.  This took me a long time to understand and unload.  And I still get caught up in my thoughts daily.  Yet, I now have a better understanding that I CAN’T control my thoughts.  What I can do is recognize when I am thinking and I have the capacity to determine if the thought is in fact true for me or not.  This is my understanding and definition of mindfulness.


I had to set the stage so you can understand why I find mental well being so important and why it is at the forefront of the work I do.  Energy work, in simplest terms, is tuning into movement in the body.  Per my previous blog post, all forms of energy are associated with motion, and we are continuously moving.  Take your thoughts, which are also constantly moving. Now I know, there isn’t science to back the claim that thoughts are energy but, if you understand the basic definition of energy, then you can relate it to thinking. 


As you have read this blog, you might have found yourself thinking about what you are going to make for dinner tonight, or if you remembered to lock your front door, or when will she get to point.  If you can relate, then the mind was not still, it was moving from one thought to the next. 




How does energy work support mental well-being?  The simplest way is by helping you to relax. I work with the energy moving in your body to tune into your parasympathetic nervous system, which is rest and digest.  Once your nervous system starts to respond, the body and the mind follow suit. The more you tune in and practice relaxation, the more the body remembers and the mind calms. It’s almost like you are training your brain. The muscle memory (so to speak) will help you when stressful and anxiety provoking situations arise. It is simple and powerful.


This is why I love the work. It is so subtle and has the capacity to change your life. 






If you’re interested in working with Kim, you can book Energy Work sessions with her here.