January 19, 2024

Hi, it’s Kim here, The Happy Hour’s Energy Practitioner. I am writing this blog to give you a practical take on how a session with me works. This is going to be pretty straightforward to outline how approachable energy work is, and its benefits to your overall health & well-being. 


First and foremost, schedule a session. All energy work offerings are posted on The Happy Hour website. You are also welcome to call to schedule. The first session is 75 minutes for the initial assessment to learn how the work can best benefit you. Follow-up sessions are typically 50 minutes. I find the 75 minute sessions are the sweet spot. 


In our first session together, we will discuss the intake form you filled out. The first session includes more talking with follow-ups generally being less. I try to limit our chat to 20 minutes for time on the table. Following our chat, you set an intention to guide the session.


Once on the table (fully clothed), I offer extra support (pillow, bolster or blanket) to aid in your comfort. I then assess your energy centers. I use a pendulum, which I often correlate to a doctor’s stethoscope. There are 7 main energy centers in my assessment to guide the techniques I utilize. I guide you through a short meditation and then administer the techniques. The techniques include light touch or touch over the body. It’s different from massage because I am not manipulating any tissue. 


Your job is to relax. Typically you will drift into a meditative space similar to before you fall asleep. Often you fall asleep, which is welcome. Once the session is complete, I guide you back to a wakeful state. We then have a short conversation to see how you are feeling. These conversations are beneficial as they often provide helpful insights that reinforce your intention. And that is it! 


The most common reaction to energy work is feeling deeply relaxed. In addition to energy work bolstering relaxation, it can also ease physical discomfort, produce clarity in a challenging situation, tune into intuition, and strengthen connection to something beyond our understanding. I am continually amazed by the outcomes. 


Energy work works best when you commit at least 3 months. I recommend a session every two weeks to start. Once a month for 6 months is another option. We will check-in following the initial start to determine a next course of action that feels best for you. My goal is to help you find the tools to implement when difficulties arise. Then energy work can be a lifeline for extra care and encouragement when needed.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can be reached at: info@thehapppyhournash.com and you can book online here. I look forward to sharing this life changing practice with you.