December 26, 2023

As we close this year, our hearts are full with gratitude for each one of you. We are honored to have welcomed over 400 new faces into our fold, while deepening bonds with our cherished original guests. We’re humbled by your commitment to mental health and mutual support, contributing to a world where mental wellness is increasingly embraced and destigmatized. Your participation is not just a presence; it’s a gift that helps us all inch closer to our dreams.



This winter, our space blossomed with new and familiar faces. Some highlights were our two sold-out Intention Setting workshops, where fifty souls shared their hearts and hopes for the year ahead. Your courage and dedication to mental wellness never cease to inspire us.



In spring, we learned the strength of togetherness, especially during the darkness of the Covenant Tragedy. Our community support groups and the formation of our Teachers Therapy Fund are testaments to your generosity and compassion. With this fund, we were able to provide over 40 free therapy sessions to teachers in Nashville. 


We extended our embrace beyond our walls through partnerships with The Frist Art Museum and Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Witnessing you engage with mindfulness amidst art and nature was a profound reminder of the healing powers of creativity and nature.  



We joyfully celebrated the culmination of our Artist in Residency, Anne Catherine Art. Her exhibition, “Seeing Mindfulness,” which included three art pieces made by you, invited us to pause and engage with the world more deeply. 


We also welcomed two new therapists to our team, Jeannette Diddens and Amy Narusas. These skilled clinicians bring a wealth of knowledge, passions in different disciplines of mental wellness, and are a joy to have as team-members. The addition of these two therapists also gave us hope that the word is spreading and that individuals are prioritizing their mental wellness as a part of their overall health picture. 



We were so excited to be able to add Sound Healing to our offerings with the certification of Clara Belden. We love to be able to support our community in a variety of ways, with sound healing as an offering that teaches us how to connect through feeling versus speaking. One of our sound baths was elevated with the addition of Energy Work by Kim Breese for a total mind-body reset. We look forward to holding our community in this way many more times in 2024. 


This year, we have listened and learned from our community. We’ve embraced the full spectrum of emotions together, and the many challenges that accompany the heightened expectations and pressures of the holiday season. We communed with the Soho House to host a Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) workshop in which 30 individuals opened up with vulnerability and honesty to find comfort and connection with their neighbors. It goes to show that no one needs to travel their path alone. 


Looking Forward with Gratitude:

As we approach our third anniversary, our gratitude goes out to you, our beloved community. Your support and engagement are the lifeblood of our mission to make the world a happier place one conversation at a time. Together, let’s continue to foster a world filled with more understanding, more connection, and more healing conversations in 2024. 


If you’re not yet part of our community, we invite you with open arms. Join us in a healing space where every individual is valued, where every story matters, and where together, we strive for a healthier, happier world. 


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Here’s to another year of growth, support, and heartfelt connections. 


With warmth and appreciation, 

The Happy Hour Team