September 7, 2022
Mental Health

Basic girl confession: fall has always been my favorite season. It probably started when I was a little girl; anxiously awaiting the start of school, getting super pumped about my new school supplies and the fresh start. Even as an adult, I still associate fall with monumental change. For me, it prompts a desire for more self-improvement and a renewed commitment to my values more than the traditional “New Years Resolutions.”


Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

John C. Maxwell


Although I’ve always welcomed change, it does not mean I’m immune to the fear and apprehension that comes with transitions. Change, especially one in which we did not actively choose, is often complicated by many different emotions. With fear of change also comes resistance. When we resist change, our anxiety grows, our desire to control our surroundings increases, and ultimately, many aspects of our life suffer.

How can we not only accept change but also welcome it? One of the things I love to work on with my clients is finding their values, what guides them, and connecting to their inner strength. I find that if we have a good understanding of who we are, the Earth can spin around us and we still have peace.

One of my favorite meditations urges us to “Let go of any resistance to the turning of the earth. Fall becomes winter, or winter then spring. Let it. Don’t pin the leaves to the trees to keep them from falling, nor lie on the ground to keep the new grass from sprouting.” Isn’t it ridiculous to think we can stop the seasons by pinning the leaves to the trees or preventing the grass from sprouting? It’s no different than thinking we can prevent other things in our world from changing. The beauty is in becoming softer to the realities of transition, while holding steady, anchored in your self-image, values, and goals.

So, who’s ready for Fall?



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Therapist Amy Jackson, LCSW-MPH enjoys working with people who feel they are at a crossroads and need support as they enter a new phase. If you’d like to work with Amy, you can book here.